Portfolio update: ICG Enterprise Trust investing in KronosNet

ICG Enterprise Trust plc (ICGT) is pleased to announce that it is investing in KronosNet, a business combination of Konecta and Comdata to create the sixth largest player in the customer experience BPO market.

ICGT is investing €10.0m alongside funds advised by ICGT’s Manager, Intermediate Capital Group plc (ICG).

In aggregate on a look-through basis, ICGT is expected to invest approximately €14.0m in KronosNet. This figure relates to ICGT’s look-through position in the overall investment into KronosNet and is stated before any closing adjustments.

KronosNet will help global clients in a variety of end industries such as financial and insurance, technology, telco, retail and e-commerce, utilities, industrial and healthcare. The new Group will serve more than 500 large corporates across Europe and America with the local expertise of over 130,000 employees.


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