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Continuing our track record of growth

At 31 July 2023, our Portfolio was valued at £1,399m. Over the last five years, our Portfolio has generated an annualised Portfolio Return on a Local Currency Basis of 17.9% and 7.3% on an LTM basis.

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Realisation activity

Realisation activity during the six months to 31 July 2023, generated Total Realisation Proceeds of £94.1m.

There were 17 Full Exits. These were completed at a weighted average Uplift to Carrying Value of 17.7% and weighted average Multiple to Cost of 4.0x.

The 10 largest underlying realisations in the period represent 65.8% of Total Realisation Proceeds and included Endeavour Schools (£32.9m), Signify Health (£8.3m) and Breitling (£3.9m).


Realisation proceeds


Realisation uplift


Multiple of costs of realisations

Investment activity

Total new investment of £64.1m in the six months to 31 July 2023, of which 5.4% (£9.9m) were alongside ICG.


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