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As an investment trust investing mainly in private equity funds, ICGET operates in a sector which is at relatively low risk of modern slavery occurring.
Furthermore, ICGET primarily invests in Europe and the US. The majority of the countries in which the Company invests are ranked as low risk by the Global Slavery Index. Nevertheless, ICGET seeks to operate in line with all appropriate ethical and professional standards and takes its responsibility to its shareholders and suppliers seriously. The Board has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain and within the ICG group.

The Board’s approach to combatting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Board’s approach to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking is discussed further below under Board Awareness and Supply Chains. Further information on ESG and Responsible investment is discussed in our Annual Report.

Board Awareness

ICGET does not have any employees. All Non-Executive Directors have been made aware of the provisions of the Act and the Board has approved this statement and discusses and reviews it annually. Jane Tufnell has been identified as the Director responsible for this area and all such matters are escalated to her in the first instance. The Manager periodically reports to the Board on key ESG issues.

Supply Chains

ICGET has a number of outsourced and third party vendor relationships, the most material of which is with the Manager. Our key suppliers provide a range of financial and commercial services to ICGET. ICGET aims to deal with reputable and well-established suppliers of goods and services only and carries out risk-based due diligence (which includes interrogating suppliers’ ESG credentials) depending on the criticality of the supplier. As part of its vendor oversight, ICGET reviews all key vendor relationships annually and any modern slavery related issues that have been identified are considered as part of this review. ICGET keep under review its supplier relationships in the context of whether there are any particular locations or category of suppliers which present a higher risk of modern slavery, and where more therefore needs to be done to combat modern slavery. The Board has reviewed and noted the Manager’s anti-slavery practices as disclosed in its own statement available on www.icgam.com.

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Jane Tufnell
Chair of the Board

Our manager's modern slavery statements