Annual reports and accounts

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Annual Report and Accounts 2024

Investing in private companies to generate defensive growth

The purpose of ICG Enterprise Trust (ICGT) is to provide shareholders with access to the attractive long-term returns generated by investing in private companies, with the added benefit of daily liquidity.

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Annual report

Latest ICGT plc Annual Report and Accounts

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Chair's Statement

I am confident that our long-term investment strategy focused on generating defensive growth has a meaningful role to play in many investors’ portfolios.

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Jane Tufnell, Chair

Manager's Review

Against a background of slower market-wide activity, our evergreen capital structure, well-capitalised balance sheet and strong relationships are enabling us to continue to invest for future growth.

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Oliver Gardey, Head of Private Equity Fund Investments


At 31 January 2024

NAV per Share


(31 Jan 2023: 1,903p)

NAV per Share Total Return1,2


(31 Jan 2023: 14.5%)

NAV per Share Total Return
five-year annualised1,2


(31 Jan 2023: 16.9%)

Total dividend


(31 Jan 2023: 30p)