Investment approach

Our focused approach

As a private equity trust focused exclusively on buyouts in North America and Europe, we offer shareholders access to a differentiated, mature portfolio of equity investments in private companies.

Our mandate allows us to be nimble. We adjust the mix of our investments to reflect market conditions, developments in our portfolio, the flow of opportunities and relative value.

This flexibility allows us to maximise returns and manage risk. We enhance returns through increasing our weighting to attractive assets, and manage risk through our disciplined approach, active portfolio management and diversification. The balance of risk and reward varies between our investments and our portfolio of leading private equity funds.

We invest in companies that we believe will outperform through the investment cycle. We do this through co-investments and secondary fund investments – enhancing returns and increasing visibility and control on underlying performance drivers. These investments sit alongside ICG funds in our portfolio.

We mitigate the more concentrated risk in our portfolio through a highly selective approach, a focus on defensive growth and close monitoring of performance.

Our portfolio of leading third-party private equity funds provides a diversified base of strong returns and forms the foundation of our strategy. It gives us insights that inform the management of the portfolio as a whole, and is the key source of deal flow for third party co-investments and secondary fund investments in our portfolio.

We manage risk in our funds portfolio through diversification, strict application of our investment criteria and close monitoring of performance.

We have a long track record of lending to and investing in private equity-backed businesses.

We provide access to a deep opportunity set of investments, both through proprietary deal flow from the wider ICG network and via relationships across the private equity industry.

ICG Enterprise Trust offers insight into private equity managers and companies through the knowledge of local investment teams across the globe.

Defensive growth

Defensive growth companies benefit from long-term trends that we believe make them less sensitive to the broader economic cycle. Our aim is to build a portfolio of businesses that have these characteristics. We do this by investing in funds managed by ICG and third-party managers that share our investment approach, and by making investments directly in companies that we feel are particularly aligned to our investment thesis.

  • Strong market position
  • Mission-critical services
  • Ability to pass on price increases
  • High margins

Creating value through a selective, active investment approach

A focused investment strategy with a flexible mandate. Constantly monitor and manage our portfolio.