Investing responsibly

Environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) factors can be an important driver of investment value, as well as a source of risk. That is why we incorporate ESG considerations throughout our investment process to generate long-term, sustainable returns.

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The long-term success of ICG Enterprise Trust requires effective management of both financial and ESG factors.

Our approach to responsible investing

Our approach is defined by three key priorities:


Incorporate ESG factors into investment decision making


Partnering with managers who share a similar approach to responsible investing


Better identifying and monitoring ESG risks

Guided by the Responsible Investing Policy and implementation tools and processes of our manager - ICG, we consider ESG factors throughout the investment process and during the period in which we are invested.

Recent ESG highlights

ICG Enterprise Trust aims to partner with managers who share our focus on responsible investing.

Across all managers we made commitments to in the year to 31 January 2023:


Operate an ESG Policy and have an ESG monitoring process in place


Are signatories of the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment


Have a net zero commitment

Our manager’s focus on sustainability

In applying our approach to responsible investing we utilise and benefit from the wider ESG capabilities and resources of our investment manager, ICG.

ICG adopts responsible and sustainable business practices to foster a positive impact to society and the environment through its investments and operations.

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