About us

Who we are

ICG Enterprise Trust (ICGT.LN) is a leading listed private equity investor, investing primarily in profitable, cash-generative private companies in Europe and the US with the aim of generating defensive growth over the long term. We are the only UK-listed private equity investor that focuses exclusively on investing in buyouts globally.

Since 2016 we have been managed by ICG plc, a global alternative asset manager listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker: ICP.LN).

We have a flexible investment mandate, enabling us to invest in companies indirectly (through funds managed by ICG and other private equity managers) as well as directly alongside other managers.

Our expertise

ICG Enterprise Trust benefits from the experience and knowledge of the individuals managing the Portfolio, as well as being able to leverage our manager’s global platform.


Year track record


Cumulative years' experience on investment committee


Investment professionals working exclusively on ICG Enterprise Trust


ICG country offices with local insights applied at a global scale

A track record of generating growth

We have a long-term track record of generating attractive returns


Consecutive years of portfolio growth1, 2

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5-year NAV Per Share Total Return3, 4, 5

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5-year Share Price Total Return3, 5

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What is private equity?

Private equity refers to investment in private unquoted companies. It covers a wide spectrum of investments, from early stage investments in start-ups (venture capital) to the acquisition of large established companies (buyouts).

ICG Enterprise Trust focuses exclusively on buyouts in developed markets. We do this as we believe they offer the best risk / reward profile for our shareholders over the medium to long term.

A buyout typically involves the purchase of a majority of the equity of a well-established profitable company by one or more private equity funds.

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