Portfolio update: ICG Enterprise Trust plc committing to Gridiron Capital V

ICG Enterprise Trust plc (ICGT) is pleased to announce that it has made a $20.0m commitment to Gridiron Capital Fund V, a US-based fund managed by Gridiron Capital (Gridiron). Gridiron focuses on investing in middle-market branded consumer, B2B and B2C services and niche industrial businesses.

This is ICGT’s third commitment to funds managed by Gridiron, following a $15.0m commitment to Gridiron Capital Fund III in 2016 and a $17.5m commitment to Gridiron Capital Fund IV in 2019.

Gridiron Capital Fund III and Gridiron Capital Fund IV have both performed strongly. ICGT recently benefitted from the successful realisation of Rough Country (previously one of ICGT’s 30 largest company exposures) and has also co-invested directly in two Gridiron investments, AML Rightsource and Class Valuation. Both of these investments were amongst the 30 largest company exposures for ICGT at 31 October 2021 and represented, at that time, a combined 2.1% of the portfolio value.


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