Portfolio update: ICG Enterprise Trust investing in Brooks Automation

Automated microchip assembly
ICG Enterprise Trust plc (ICGT) is pleased to announce that it is investing in Brooks Automation alongside funds advised by Thomas H. Lee Partners (“THL”).

The investment is being led by THL Fund IX (Fund) and the THL Automation Fund. ICGT will invest through the Fund and also through a direct investment.

In aggregate on a look-through basis, ICGT is expected to invest approximately $12.6m (£9.2m) in Brooks Automation. This figure relates to ICGT’s look-through position in the overall investment into Brooks Automation and is stated before any closing adjustments.

Brooks Automation is a market-leading provider of precision robotics, automation systems and contamination control solutions to the global semiconductor industry. The company serves the world’s leading semiconductor chip makers and equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Brooks Automation has operations across North America, Europe and Asia.


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