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Primary and secondary investments

WCT, our largest TJC holding, was sold in December 2023, generating proceeds of £12.5m at a significant uplift to its previous value

TJC was founded in 1982. It specialises in buying and building businesses in partnership with management.

ICGT committed to Resolute IV through its primary programme in 2018 as well as subsequently committing to Resolute V in 2021 and Resolute VI in late 2023.

Top tier management

Strong reputation in the US mid-market, with a stable, tenured team who have worked together for over 20 years

Partners across primaries and secondaries

Primary investment and strong relationship unlocked the ability to participate in a highly attractive secondary transaction

Operationally focused

Pioneer of more operationally focused Private Equity, establishing its Operations Management Group in 1988

Source of liquidity

Our largest TJC company, WCT, acquired as part of a secondary transaction, successfully realised in December 2023