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Direct investment

Co-investment alongside Gryphon Investors

Key Stats

  • $6m total investment in July 2019
  • RegEd is a market-leading provider of compliance related software solutions
  • Region: North America
  • Sector: Technology
A leading provider of regulatory compliance software solutions

RegEd has relationships with more than 200 clients, including 80% of the top 25 financial services firms in the US. Its clients are primarily in the insurance, broker-dealer, and banking sectors in the US.

The company was established in 2000 by a team of former regulators and is recognised for continuous innovation in regulatory technology. Its solutions improve its clients’ workflows, provide data integration and regulatory intelligence, and help automate business processes. RegEd’s products drive enhanced operational efficiency and enable its clients to comply with complex regulations in a cost effective manner whilst continuously mitigating risk.

RegEd estimates that there are more than 5,000 insurance and securities regulatory changes each year. RegEd’s products allow its clients to keep pace with these changes. Technological solutions also allow processes to be better adapted to remote working.

ICG Enterprise Trust co-invested alongside Gryphon Investors in 2019. Gryphon has a highly thematic approach to origination and had identified the company as an attractive investment following its extensive research into the governance, risk and compliance sector. It is partnering with the successful, existing senior management team. The company will be chaired by an experienced senior executive who is an acknowledged expert in the governance, risk and compliance software as a service sector and an existing member of Gryphon’s executive advisory board. Gryphon believes that it can grow the company through accretive acquisitions.