Endeavor Schools

Scene within early years infant school setting within the Endevor Schools network


Direct investment

Direct investment originated and managed by third-party manager Leeds Equity

Key Stats

  • ~£8m total investment in FY19 (year to 31 January 2019)
  • Endeavor Schools is a leading provider of private education in the US, spanning pre-school through high school
  • Endeavor leverages its centralised platform to support a fast-growing national network of schools
Leading provider of private education in the US

Scale platform

  • Over 60 schools in 13 states across the US
  • Opportunity to grow enrolment and open new locations


US private education market benefits from a number of resilient demographic and economic growth drivers.

Growth levers

Multiple structural organic growth drivers, and significant mergers and acquisitions (M&A) roll-up opportunities in a highly fragmented market.

Track record

Leeds Equity are recognised as an industry expert in the education sector.